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From the January 5th, 2023 Canton Herald:

Also on stage with my wife Lori and son Harry is my brother, Bob Reese, Jr and his wife Connie Reese.


My name is Andy Reese and I am honored to serve as your next Van Zandt County Judge. I am excited about the growth that has come to our county and have the experience to plan and prepare for our future needs while preserving the wonderful heritage we enjoy. Van Zandt County has experienced a modest growth rate over the years but as a result of the pandemic, many people learned they could effectively work from home. And home could be anywhere, it did not have to be in the big city or even in the same state. We now see families moving to our county that want a simpler life, with good schools and safe neighborhoods. Van Zandt County provides both great schools (public, private, and home) and a safe environment where families can flourish.  We must protect that environment with proper planning to manage the growth and keep our citizens safe through strong support of the people and resources needed for law enforcement.  The County Judge is responsible to oversee the county government and provide the resources and remove hindering obstacles for the various parts of the county government, such as the judicial, law enforcement, and commissioners that maintain the roads. It is a balancing act to make sure the taxpayer money is used in the most efficient manner for these functions.

I decided to run for County Judge when I realized that my 40 plus years of business experience would be an asset to help prepare our county for the coming changes.  I have encountered many budgetary challenges in business and learned that taking action quickly is critical when budgets are not being met. I am a detailed oriented person and stay on top of current trends and events that could affect the budget adversely and will respond quickly to prevent the County from having to go into debt to fund operating expenses. 

Communication is critical for the success of our county government. I would like to see more of our county activities available online, so everyone who desires to stay informed can find the information they want on the county website and through direct regular communications through email, websites, and social media. Government functions should be transparent, and the online presence is the efficient way to provide that transparency.  

As a lifelong Republican, I stongly believe in our United States and Texas Constitutions and the Republican Party platform. Since moving to Van Zandt County, my voting record shows having voted in 43 elections that include Republican primaries, runoffs, general, and constitutional amendments. I am a 15 year member of the Van Zandt County Republican Club and served in the past as treasurer for four years. I have served as a Precinct Chair, Election Judge, and delegate to county and state conventions. I believe in the grassroots development of our party platform and demonstrate that by serving as a delegate supporting conservative principles. 

I am excited at the challenge that the job of County Judge offers and my experience for the last 20 years in Van Zandt County in public service and community service demonstrates my devotion to the citizens of this county. And I will continue that devotion if you elect me as your County Judge.

Starting in 2021, I have been attending Commissioner meetings and other county functions to be well prepared to take office in January 2023. In September 2022, I will be leaving my current job to concentrate in orientation and training for immediately being productive for you after being sworn in!

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